Tuesday, February 22, 2011


February 22, 2011

     Post production honorary groups -- American Cinema Editors (ACE), the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) and Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) -- held their annual awards dinners this past weekend.  Eclipsed by the upcoming Oscars, these ceremonies deserve more industry-wide recongnition.  Follow the links below to see who won: 
American Cinema Editors Eddie Awards:
www.pronetworks.org/.../2011_american_cinema_editors_ace_eddie_award_ winners/ 

Cinema Audio Society Awards:
Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Awards:  film-book.com/golden-reel-awards-2011-winners-inception-      micmacs- country- strong/ 
     Congratulations to all! 

     Personal weekend highlights included breaking bread with dear friend and music editor extraordinaire David Bondelevich, and participating in a Facebook exchange about whether my editing guru, the ever amazing Paul Hirsch, was “hard to work for.”  Eddie Award winner (for an episode of "Modern Family") Jonathan Schwartz had said as much during his acceptance speech, while thanking Paul for being an inspiration.   The verdict:  Mr. Hirsch, editor of "Star Wars," "Ferris Beuller's Day Off," "Ray" and a long list of other deservedly iconic films, is a rigorous, demanding mentor and also as witty as can be. 

     It was also quite enjoyable to hear CAS Career Achievement honoree Jeff Wexler, at a "meet the winners" gathering, discuss unique work methods of directors for whom he’s recorded, including Hal Ashby and Cameron Crowe.  

     And, as always, it was a genuine pleasure to chat with the prodigiously talented and generous Tom Fleishman, CAS winner for Outstanding Achievement in Mixing for a TV Series ("Boardwalk Empire") and an old friend.  Tom has mixed some of the most acclaimed motion pictures of the past 30 years, among them “Silence of the Lambs,” “Malcolm X” and “Goodfellas.”  He’s currently working on a documentary that, even with his astonishing resume, must make him pinch himself to make sure he’s not just dreaming.  I hope to interview Tom in this space when his work on that film, Martin Scorcese’s “Living in the Material World,” is completed. 


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    I’ve had more than one Oscar winner tell me that the guild awards mean more to them because they are voted on by peers. Not to belittle the Oscars, but not many people understand what the hell we do.

  2. I liked the part about David B, too!